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wdt_ID Company Category Deal Description Friend Since
35 RealGrowers Recharge Microbes yes Coupon 'dude' 2014
37 Rapid LED Lighting yes Coupon 'dude' 2018
38 Horticulture Lighting Group Lighting yes Coupon 'dude' 2019
44 Optic Foliar Nutrients 2013
46 Remo Nutrients Nutrients 2016
47 Build-a-Soil Soil yes Coupon 'DudeGrows' 2018
48 Radicle Bags Soil yes Coupon 'dude' 2017
59 Pulse Grow Environment yes Coupon 'dude' 2018
60 Seeds Here Now Seeds yes Coupon 'dude10' 2017
121 Gorilla Grow Tents Grow Equipment yes Coupon 'dude' 2019
Category Description Friend Since