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I only suffer from frostbite if my perimeter is not protected. Very hard for my heaters to reach every nook and cranny. Very very hard to get the perimeter. I just use 8 inch duct work that I Off and punch 1 billion holes in. Then I just do it in a circle around the perimeter. I use the exhaust coming out of the shop. If I did not have that I would probably just have built a box to funnel the warm air from my large square blowing heater. It has been the determining factor for me in bud rot. And frostbite. It blows up the sides of the walls just enough. Anyhow my condolences Scotty. Let this be a lesson to everyone that no matter who you are things happen. Unfortunately that’s the human condition. Peace out freaks Got Florida flying in today and we’re locking up in the trim jail. I’m going to turn them on to some of this DGC.