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Hey DGC,

First time grower here, couldn’t have got as far as i did without coming across this community. Very much appreciated and keep up the great work! I am day 18 into flower and think it’s time i do a little canopy thinning. Before i go and put myself in a hole i would like to ask the community for some pointers and wisdom.

Should i trim some of the lower, shaded fan leaves and lower bud sites off my babies this early into flower or is it better to wait until the plant has more or less finished its stretch? What is better for the health of the plant; Go in aggressive and trim as much as i think it needs in one sitting? Spread out, like every other day before waterings for a week or 2?

My concern is if it take it all at once it could shock the plant and i have the devil on my other shoulder telling me if i stretch out the pruning, the plant will remain in a heal-mode for a longer stretch and actually be worse for the yield than 1 aggressive trim session. I think i waited a week too long to go into flower and i worry that my canopy will get too dense and cause me grief later on. My driving factor is Keeping my mold/fungus issues in check.

Specifics: 4’x’4 Tent in a climate controlled room 65-75F, two Wizard’s OG clones in the back [the taller ones] and 2 Lemon Larry clones up front. SF4000  light about 18-20″ from canopy. De-Chlorinated city water [300-350ppm after filtration] with GH FloraNova nute line and weekly Bigfoot brand mycorrhizae/bio treatments. Potter’s Gold Soil. 7-Gal Fabric Pots. Thanks in advance!

W.J.  ” the GOV”