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Hey Dude, just want to start with I absolutely love the podcast. Every time I’m in my grow room, it’s playing. Love being able to legally grow my four plants in Canada. Heard you mention Calgary the other day, that’s where I’m at.

I am about 30 days into my 3rd successful indoor grow. Things are going the best they ever have this grow. I keep listening to you guys and Rasta Jeff and honing my grow skills. Each one of my grows have been an huge improvement on the last.

One thing i still struggle with is what lower growth to trim. How soon should I start? How much should I trim at a time? Also how frequently? And how late is too late? Sorry for the shotgun of questions, but it’s something I’m still so unsure of. More afraid to take too much. Each grow I have taken more than the last. I usually start picking what I want to get rid of in the first 7 days of flower. Then take a little more in week two. Then after that every once in a while I take a few 5-15 fan leaves that are shading some of the lower bud sites. This grow specifically has been an extra bushy one, and I feel I have taken lots. I’m 30 days into flower and I feel there is still more lower growth I could take that will turn out to nothing. I’m just worried I’m to far in and will stress them out. Hopefully you guys can help me shed a little light on this for me.

This is is the second time I have grown these strains. They are clones this time from the last grow.

Grapefruit by Female Seeds

Super Sour OG by Emerald Triangle Seeds

Gorilla Glue by Canuk Seeds x2

In promix 4:1 perlite 3 gallon fabric pots

Under 400w hps and 135w HLG Quantum Board 3000k

Feeding Multi part salt nutes, in RO water. I feed, feed, flush always keeping the water or nutes at 6.5 pH.

The first two photos are of my current grow.

The second two is the last grow I harvested. The current girls moms

Thanks in advance. For any help