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The Pulse One is a handy device for monitoring your grow room conditions, but its also a valuable tool that can help you grow better cannabis.

Being able to monitor your grow room temperature, humidity, VPD, and light level from your phone is pretty cool, but this little device does so much more!  A Pulse monitor can alert you if there’s an issue in your grow, but it can also offer valuable insights that can help you make better decisions and grow better bud!

The crew at Pulse kindly provided me with a few monitors to test out.  I have a few different grow areas going at the moment, so I had an opportunity to try them out in a few different situations.


Here’s what I’ve got going on:

  • Flower Room- 6’ x 20’- running about 1,300w of led, and has an AC and dehumidifier
  • Veg Room- 6’ x 8’ – running about 400w of led, shares air with the Flower Room.
  • Breeding Tent- 2’ x 4’- running 200w of led and an AC Infinity fan with built in automated speed control.  This tent is setup in a different location than the rest of my grow.

We decided to put one monitor each in the veg room and the tent, and two monitors in the flower room so I can monitor both ends of the room.

A basic lay out of my main rooms. Click the picture to see more pics of my setup.


My 2×4 tent. I use it for breeding, and other side projects. Its setup in the closet of my home office. Its in a different building and on a different wireless network than the rest of the grow, but the Pulse still works great. Please ignore my messy closet! 🙂


Heres some of the things I learned using the monitors to track my environment over the last few weeks.

In the main grow…

  • My old thermometer sucked.  It wasn’t very accurate and didn’t record data.  Without data logging, I really had no clue what was happening with my environment when I wasn’t in the room.
  • My room was too cold.  I bumped my AC up a few degrees, which will improve the environment for my plants and also save me money on cooling.
  • I need better air flow-  In my flower room, the end of the room near the AC is a little cooler and wetter, and the end near the dehumidifier is a little drier and hotter.  Better air circulation would help even this out.
  • My old dehumidifier “wanders” a lot-  It keeps my humidity in the ballpark, but it still fluctuates a lot more than I would like.  The dehumidifier was intended for home use, so the internal humidistat isn’t very accurate and it can only be adjusted 5% increments.  I hope to get a new dehumidifier before too long.
  • I don’t have much of a day/night temp difference.  I still haven’t taken the time to figure out the timer settings on my AC, so its kinda just keeping temps steady 24/7. I should probably get on that!  It would be nice to have the AC operating on a schedule, and it would probably save me some money too.
  • Even though they share air, the veg room tends to be hotter and drier than the flower room.  I suspect I need better airflow between the two rooms.  I’m working on a few ideas to improve ventilation between the two rooms.
  • It caught a flood before it got too bad.  I was filling a reservoir and I forgot to turn off the water.  There was a small flood, but that night I noticed the humidity in that half of the room was higher than it should be.  I went to investigate and discovered the flood before it got too bad.
  • Having environmental data from all my rooms displayed on one screen is really convenient and helpful!  Its nice to be able to pull up the app on my phone and see what’s going on in all my rooms.
  • Pulse monitors are definitely a good investment if you have multiple rooms or environments to keep track of.  If you’ve already invested in setting up multiple grow areas, its really worth the extra investment to set up monitoring so you actually know what’s really happening in each area.  Monitoring your environment can help improve your yield and bud quality, not to mention help avoid a disaster.

Veg and Flower Room all on one page in the pulse app. Its really nice to be able to see whats going on in here just by checking my phone!

There was a leak… but the Pulse alerted me to high humidity so I caught it before it turned into a disaster. Thanks Pulse!

I adjusted my dehumidifer setting from 65% to 60%. As you can see, this had a huge effect on my temp, humidity and VPD. Seeing these changes in real time is super helpful!

Flower #1 is closer to the AC, so its usually a little cooler and wetter. Flower #2 is closer to the dehumidifier, so its usually warmer and drier. Better airflow in my room would help even this out. Time for more fans I guess!

In the tent…

  • I’m actually maintaining decent VPD! – Maintaining precise temp and humidity control in a small tent is TOUGH.  Usually tent growers don’t have a ton of control over their environment.  Typically a tent grow would have a single fan exhausting the tent 24/7.  This might help control the heat, but constantly removing air makes it really hard to control the humidity too. You might be able to get things in the ballpark, but its pretty difficult to dial your environment in without having more precise control.  Having a Pulse monitor tracking conditions makes this a LOT easier.
  • The combo of Pulse monitor and AC Infinity smart fan works way better than the typical tent setup.  The automated control features of the AC Infinity fan allow MUCH better control of temp / humidity, and the Pulse monitor gives you the data you need to understand what’s going on and take control of the situation.
  • Managing the environment in an air cooled tent is tricky, but having constant data from the pulse monitor is helping a lot.  The alarm features and having access to constant data about my grow environment has been great tool for helping me keep on top of it.  I’ve done a much better job managing humidity since I added the Pulse monitor to my tent.

The Pulse monitor has really helped me dial in this tent. Note the trays full of pumice under the plants, I pour a cup of water into each tray every day to help keep the humidity up in here.

The Pulse monitor fits nicely in the pocket in my tent, which also keeps it about canopy level. Perfect!

Fairly consistent for an aircooled tent. The data from the Pulse + the control from the AC Infinity fan is helping me keep this tent more dialed in than I thought possible.

Everything that comes in the box. Pulse monitor, USB power cord, wall adapter, Pulse sticker and quick start guide.

Some other stuff you should know about the Pulse monitor:

  • Cool Features
    • Tracks and logs, Temp, Humidity, VPD, Dew point, Light level, and Air pressure
    • Can run off batteries (3x AA) or off a plug with the included cord and adapter.
    • Graphs the data to help you understand what’s going on in your environment over time.
    • Set alerts for temp, humidity, light and power outages.  Get an alert sent to your phone if there’s an issue in your grow!
    • Leaf surface temperature offset- Use a laser thermometer to set the offset, and then Pulse can track your leaf surface temp.
    • Timeline/Calendar features- Track alerts or add your own garden notes to the Pulse app’s built in calendar
  • Customer Service
    • The folks from Pulse were friendly and available to help or answer questions via email.
    • You can easily submit feedback to Pulse through their app to help them improve the software and the product.
    • The monitors seem to be well made and reliable.
    • If you do have a problem, their return process is good (one of my monitors was damaged during shipping.  They sent me a new one ASAP, and included a return shipping label to send the broken one back.)
  • They are DGC!
    • Pulse is a California based company and has been a long time supporter of the Dude Grows Show.  They are good folks who help support the DGC and make the podcast possible!

Use coupon code “DUDE” at to save $ on a Pulse monitor and help support the DGC!

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