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Hey guys.  So I’ve been stumbling along with these 3 autos and one reg plant (big momma) The autos are moving forward amazingly. I am hoping my timing is right and I am able to switch the one to flower after the autos are finished. This is my first grow so it’s all learning for me.

So in the pictures are of some of the fan leafs on big momma. They’re purple. I’ve recently bumped my cal mag up to 7 ml from 5 per gallon due to what phase of her life she is in. She is in all coco. I’ve been trying different things to top dress for gnats with so excuse the mess. (Make sure you get the right diatomaceous earth, NOT THE POWDER)  thanks in advance for any help. Looking forward to learning about this and is this a Deficiency? It’s been like this before I bumped the cal mag up to figures I should throw that in there. I hope I’m doing good. I’ve been so nervous this entire time. But I realized the most important thing for me is to realize I can’t be Scotty or Dude or even Guru I can only be and grow like myself. When I start trying to be like someone else I go to far off coarse ya know? Much love and respect y’all. Have a good day.