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Hi Guys

I’m from Saskatoon, SK Canada! Just want to let you guys know that your a huge inspiration to my Garden. I do a lot of out of town work so listening to you guys on the road makes the trip so much better. I’m posting a picture of a plant that was from a unknown seed that was gave to me in a bag full of other seeds. The buds are curing right now, the plant is so nice to look at but did I find that the THC content seemed pretty low. I started curing on the 15th of February 2021 and had my first hit yesterday. Tasted great but not much of a rush. I harvested at 85% amber.

Love the show and love Gurus knowledge on microbes!! I love Scotty’s amazing no beat around the bush honesty! He reminds me of like one of those really cool stoner uncles that only the cool kids have. I want to shout out to the Dude for always cleaning up topics when they start to go off topic!!