First off i just want to ask, Scotty are you a wizard? So Grow Dots pretty much 1ml=1g nice. But then simplistically (that a word?) Tbsp 1 2 or 3 by rate. But THEN (my go to rate is the 3tbsp high rate), you triple dipped the wizard staff on this one. the measure cups damn near line up for soil bag size of fox farms, roots organics, tupur etc.

1/2c for 1.5cu ft

3/4c for 1.76cu ft.

1c for 2cu ft

I know our measuring system lines up decently close with cups & tbsp but I choose to believe you done this specifically for my lazy autopilot ways. Thanks anyway. Here is another round of dots complete. Bag 4 ordering tonight! Purple cream- I reversed an oreoz cut and crossed it to grape gas from compound genetics. 67days flower. Quick 26day veg. Water only earthboxes.