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This was my second grow, first Photoperiod. They were grown in soil and top dressed with Gai Green.  I scrogged two Purple Haze females from seed (wow…that sounded unintentionally sexual…) and got two distinct phenos.  At first, I thought I had screwed something up horribly, but as I researched more about cannabis I discovered that variations in expression are to be expected.

I lost the terpenes a bit trying to dry, harvest and germinate seeds all at once but the smoke was absolute fire!  I’ve got two females in the tent now that just flowered (damn, I did it again…) and, this time, I can take my time with drying and curing.

Both plants yielded 255g total and I’ll take that.  Would have liked these girls a little thicker with tighter node spacing (yeah, I’m pretty sure I’m doing this on purpose) but we get what we work for don’t we?

Peace, guys.

(Guru is the smartest man in the cannasphere.)