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Want to share this grow i just harvested. Thanks to DGC and the crew for the helpful tips with fighting these fungas gnats. I grew this Roc Berry Auto V2 in 3 gallon radicle bag with Biobizz coco (rinsed) perlite and some rice hulls (infested with gnats.. I believe) in a 2x2x4 Vivosun grow tent. I had to do a lot of training from the get go. I used high stress and low stress training including defoliating, bend & secure, and pinch and twist. I used Recharge and Advanced nutrients perfect sensi line with some of there other additives (B52 (B-vitamins), Rhino Skin (potassium Silicate), Nirvana(Kelp, Alf. meal), Big Bud, Bud Factor X (mag). She was grown under a Mars hyrdo SP150 perfect size for a 2×2. IMO. These buds smell of a tropical fruit with lemony pine. Good shit! Its an Indica leaning hybrid that gives great relaxation as well as helps with lower back pain.. not sure what it is, but after smoking it my back feels looser and not so tight. a keeper strain for sure.
DGC love guys and Stay Irie!
Rasta K (Mike)