Hey DGC,  welcome to my CannaCondo! Big fan of the show and community!!

I began outdooor, organic, vegetable gardening in 2018 and added a bag seed to the garden in spring of 2020. Around the same time, someone had mentioned to me that there were such things as  feminized seeds and autoflowers. I already grew veggies in my laundry room, so I decided to buy an additional light and start some autos from ILGM. I can’t make my room lightproof, so I stuck to autos for the first several runs.

Fast forward about a year, and I was dieing to try photos so I converted a spare bathroom into a 12 hr dark space. I have alarms set and have to physically move the photos to and from the bathroom, since the true grow room is on an 18-6 cycle. I run a perpetual grow so I usually have 3 autos and 1 photo going. I also have a spare light, and intake fan in the bathroom with a timer for times we need to be away from home.

Purple Sunset by Ethos Genetics

Day 52 of flower. Grown under Bloom Plus BP 3000, and 1500, in 5 gal fabric pot. Living soil with homemade compost, castings, Dr. Earth, and Down to Earth amendments. Topped once at 5th node and top dressed in weeks 2 and 4 of flower. Smells like a Skunk bathed in Orange Julius!