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I’m a legal medical grower in Illinois just outside of St. Louis. This beautiful lady is in week 7 of flower looking like she’s only about 10 days from harvest. Smelling like grape candy and dirty basement. Grown in 5 gallon radicle bags filled with Royal Gold basement mix. Top dressed with Roots Organic terp tea grow, Build a Soil worm castings and gypsum during veg. With recharge introduced weekly from the first crack of the tap root. Bloom inputs used Roots Organic terp tea bloom, sea bird guano, Build a Soil castings, gypsum with weekly staggered doses of my own FFJ, coconut water, mammoth p, fish shit, silica and recharge. Lighting is HLG 550v2 r spec with supplemental HLG uva30 ran 12/12 with my lights after week 3 of flower.