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Hey DGC! What up Scottie, Dude, & Guru! This is my second grow after moving indoors. I have a 4×8 flower tent and a separate Veg area. I also have a 2×4 Auto tent. As of now I have a perpetual grow that produces every 2 months roughly. Then the Autos intermittently.  I grow under growstar lights currently. Not completely blurple… has a slight pink hue tho. This Purple trainwreck has 3 other sisters and 3 out of 4 were different phenos. Also grown among a sour patch kid and good ol’ OG Kush. Grown under 3 s1200 and 3 s600 by growstar. (1260 true watt draw). Grown in fox farm with added mix of peat, vermiculite, and fox farm dry amendments. In flower also used the flower trio from fox farm.(open sesame, beastie blooms, and cha Ching) this is the one I chopped today. Currently have 3 hanging and 3 more to go. Already moved the Atomic Northern lights into the flower tent. Very excited about this strain! Didn’t fade as much as I would like but came out chunky!