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So, I am soon starting my first indoor tent grow as soon as i get the last bit of my supplies. I am looking for a litte bit of guidance on my interior fan setup. I’ve been back and forth between a few different options. My main priority is getting my plants the airflow they need to avoid mold or rot. I will be growing four plants at a time, and manifolding these plants to 8 colas each. I will let them grow as big as I can without having to worry about getting too close to my light in flower, I’m using a 480w HLG-550 and the tent is 7 feet tall, so I plan on getting the plants as close to about 4.5 feet tall (from ground, not pot) without going over (hopefully). For ventilation, I’ve got a cloudline t6 and s6 combo, both ran off the t6 controller. My exhaust is on the upper left side of tent while my intake is on lower right side. Here are a couple of the ideas I’ve had, let me know if one of these would be best or if you have another recommendation:

Option #1 – My first idea was to use a combination of tower fans and pole fans. I planned on getting two of the Holmes Gentle Breeze tower fans, putting them across from each other in corners of the tent, and leaving them oscillating across each other in the “breeze” mode, with two pole fans attached to the pole in the remaining two corners, either blowing down on the canopy, or one in a bottom corner aiming up at an angle, and the other up top pointing down in the opposite angle, to create a sort of centrifugal motion. This has been what I have been leaning towards the most, I am just afraid the two tower fans might be too much, bit I was hoping being in breeze mode and oscillating will help keep that from being a problem.

Option #2 – Put a good stand fan in the back and center of the fan to keep airflow through the canopy, with pole fans to keep airflow underneath and above the canopy. This seems like a pretty standard option, my concern is that the plants further away from the stand fan won’t get as much airflow, and all the good stand fans I’ve seen have fairly wide bases so I doubt I could fit one of these in each corner.

Option #3 – Gorilla Grow makes an accessory board that I can put up on one of the walls of my tent, that would allow me to mount a wall-mount fan to it. If I went this option, I would get one of the “super-8” oscillating wall fans to keep the canopy cool, and then supplement with pole fans underneath the canopy. I like this option a lot too, although not as much as #1, because I am a lot more confident the figure 8 motion this fan oscillates in will help to get even coverage, as well as having a good sized fan with no footprint, this option would just be a little more expensive than option #1, but if it is the best way to keep air moving through my ladies, this is the way I will go.

Thanks in advance for any input I get, I will definitely appreciate any help! also, if you have better solutions than one of these then feel free to let me know!

Bonus Question – When it comes to pole-mount fans, which is better out of the 20w Monkey Fans or 6” Hurricane fans?