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Hello DGC new and old<

I would like to thank you all for putting out such a solid show. The question I need to ask is about coco. I have bought some of the cheap shit in block form from amazon. I need to know hoe bad this stuff is, what can I expect to happen with this coco? I have been chasing all kinds of problems. I just don’t know if they are from my environment, nutrient plan, or just shitty coco. With full disclosure in mind, I only rehydrated the coco and buffered with cal/mag; I did not rinse the coco before using. I don’t know if this has caused all of my problems or not, but I am using grow bucket inserts(SIP container), coco coir, Grow Dots (125 g. in 5 gal bucket with insert) and Recharge. I water with R.O. water, cal/mag, and also add some micro nutrients(liquid 1/2 dose). I have made a large 1/8″ strainer to wash the next batch of coco, but I have a salt based water softener that supplies the whole house with treated water. Is this a bad source of water to wash/rinse the new coco with? If I go with Fox Farm or Cana Coco do I still wash and buffer the coco?

Thank You all again,