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Hey crew,

I’m working in 2 6’x20’ spaces that I framed out in my basement, I want to light a footprint in each at 4’x16’. I have drivers and boards already but I’m having trouble finding info on a couple things concerning setting up a clean 240v circuit to run the lights on.
Room1 will be 5 HLG-240h-c2100b each with 2 QB288v2 4000K.
Room2 will be 4 HLG-480h-c2100b each with 4 QB288v2 3000k.
If I understand correctly, running on 240v, the HLG-240 will draw about 1 amp (5 amp for the whole run) and the HLG-480 will take about 2-2.5 amp (10 amp for the whole run). I’ve got a 30 amp 240v breaker, 10 gauge romex, all the appropriate gang boxes to run (straight down) from the breaker to the grow (about 15’), a plug to terminate that run at the near wall in each room, and one box for each driver.
I’m planning on running power from the breaker to the two outlets and mounting them at the end of the room closest to the breaker. From there running wire along the rafters back down the run with a plug end at the plug and gang boxes with splices all the way back.
My questions so far:
Do I need to run the 10 gauge from the plug all the way to the last light? It seems code says I can’t change the gauge of the wire on a 30 amp circuit.
Where do I drop wire size? The drivers have 18 gauge in them, can I tie that to the 10 gauge solid romex? Can I use a lighter wire past the plug since each string will be a lighter draw than the whole circuit?
Should I run 10 gauge the whole way and match the 18 gauge on the drivers and add a plug there? I’m trying to avoid buying a plug and plug end for each light right now because at 9 drivers, that’s pushin $25 each pair plus the 2 pair at the ends of the runs.

Thanks for any and all help, I’ve just about collected all the gear I need and I’m missing the last couple pieces of info to get it started. DGC!