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What up DGC?! How’s everyone doing now that we’ve got all this free time with no work or social obligations?

It was a bit of a downer at first, hearing all the news outlets talking about quarantines and nationwide lock downs. But then that thing happened that we all wait for everyday. Lights on. And it helped me realize that I get to spend a lot more time in the grow!

I’m right in the middle of week 6, flowering this great strain I found from @51_50_los_angeles,  a breeder on Instagram. This is Octavio, which is AfPak Bx1 x (SLH x Stardawg x MAC). One hell of a nose to it too. Notes of sour candy-like berries, paired with an almost fishy funk, which my carbon air filter seems to be having quite a hard time keeping under wraps.

Grown in Roots Organic soil, with a more than weekly dose of Recharge, under about 110 watts of COB lighting.

I can’t say that I can think of a better way to spend the next 2 weeks than at home, under the governments permission, watching my flowers finish up their life under my care. Cheers from down in prohibitionland dudes! Keep on growing since there’s not much else to do right now anyway.