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Hi! I live in a place where it’s not completely legal to grow so I have only done a full grow a couple of times and only in smaller DIY boxes. Because of these quarantine times I have a much harder time finding anything to smoke so I thought “why not grow some bag seed and see what happens while I’m stuck at home”. My question now is, how fast is it “worth it” to put my plants into flower? Since it’s bag seed I really want to find out what sex the plants are (I have 5 that sprouted from my seeds) and I also want to get something to smoke as soon as possible. The plan is to start another grow from clones or more seeds (I ordered some Over Dawg from Medical Seeds and some Sweet Valley Kush from Greenhouse Seeds) for a more “serious” grow once I’ve done a successful flower with the bag seeds. I’ve read that you can put them in flower immediately but also that it’s no point in doing it until 3 weeks of veg at least anyway because the plant will veg for a minimum of 3 weeks on 12/12 too but with less growth thanks to less light. Any thoughts? Thanks for the podcast! I used your information for my last grow a couple of years back and I am glad you seem to be doing so fine with it all!