Dudes, Duds and Buds,   Hola.    I have returned from the Valley with some fresh meat.   So usually I would worry about quarantining the new arrivals. This time is different… JR has tested his cuts! And they have a clean bill of health! So now I have all this confidence and peace of mind about them. However, now I have time to look in the mirror. Do I need to protect them from us? After finding out that it all gets mixed up in the cloning tray… I’m starting to wonder if I need to bother my anal retentive new razor blade for every couple plants.? When the plant gets a virus from another plant, is the actual viral load Super important? Would they be able to actually protect himself from small doses of possible diseases? Would it be better to take off the masks in the prophylactics and let The chips fall where they may?  As you can see, I do have a pocket full of prophylactics, and my homeboys do too. But what’s the use? I like the sense of camaraderie of disease sharing. We’re all in this together you know lol…. Joof, I got one of your cuts. I bet you were glad to hear that you were disease-free also. I am excited to see this pink color in real life. And once again, JR, hats off to you and a very low bow. To get a clean bill of health is pretty exciting And rewarding to see the proof in the pudding finally.