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Hey guys, first time grower and loving the show. Learning a ton.

My first question is about my Bluelab pH pen I just bought. I intended to use this to check the pH when watering in my soil setup. The problem being I only use distilled water for my garden. I see in the instruction to NEVER use distilled water with the pen. Does this mean to never store in distilled water, or NEVER get distilled water on it? Would I be able to add my nutrients to my water, then check my pH and then rinse with tap water immediately, then add the KCI storage solution to the cap and then store. And what about flush time? Can i check the pH of my pure distilled water quickly, then rinse with tap water, add the KCI storage solution to the cap and store away. Your input would be greatly appreciated as I spent decent money on this, and i wonder if I need another brand for my situation.

Like I said above this is my first grow. Have a 4x4x6 mammoth tent. 315w LEC phillips bulb. Four 7g cloth pots with trainwreck in them. The tent is the basement so its cooler, so I have a small heater in there too. Been using Biobizz line( Grow, Bloom, Top Max) I’m on day 77 and day 28 of flower. Topped and LST along the way. Just wanted to show you guys a few pics and wanted your HONEST opinion. You wont hurt my feelings haha.

Getting close to harvest time and getting worried about doing this properly as I want my stuff to taste primo. I know theres a ton of info on your dude growers page but I’d love you to hear what you thinks works best for taste and quality. Should i cut the whole plant and hang it like that for a while or trim it down a bit first. I know what the temps and humidity should be, buts its the other steps i’m worried about. Would love a rundown thanks.

Sorry for the long post but as a newbie Ill soak up all the info I can. Keep it up guys and happy growin and smokin.