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Hey dude, guru, and Scotty – I just finished my second harvest, but I’ve got a less-than-ideal situation with my drying/curing space, so I was hoping you guys can help me out.

As far as the details go, I had two Strawberry Fields plants that I harvested on 1/21 and set up to dry. I live in a REALLY old apartment. For my first harvest I used an empty tent to dry/cure, but now I’ve got plants in both tents so I needed to find an alternative.

The only place that gets dark enough is a bedroom closet. It’s ‘roof’ is a drafty staircase leading to an unheated front hallway. We had a cold snap during the beginning of the week, and it brought the temp in that closet down to as low as 45°F. My rH wasn’t getting above 46%. To make matters worse, I made the mistake of wet trimming so they didn’t have any ‘protection’ from sugar leaves.

I kept remembering you guys saying that drying bud too fast makes it smoke like hay, so I was paranoid as hell all week and constantly doing the stem check to see if I should jar them earlier than the normal 10-14 days. More than a few of the smaller buds were ready too soon, so I got nervous and jarred the rest. Now the rH in the jars is hovering between 65% and 70% – even with two 62% humidity control packs in there. So I guess I could have kept the larger buds drying more.

Can you go over how cold temperatures impact drying and curing? Does the low humidity still ruin the bud and cause it to dry too soon like in hot climates? Or does the cold temperature ‘trap’ more moisture in the leaves than a hot air would, causing it to still have an extended drying period? I thought after 5 days, my bigger buds would be dry enough to cure with the humidity so low, but that didn’t seem to be the case and now I’m confused haha.