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Thanks for all ya do, much respect and love! I new here and don’t know where to post questions i need to ask so i figured i message ya and maybe can point me in the right direction for future questions. I wanted to talk about Hydroponics additives, watched all your videos and topics on microbes and enzymes and learned a lot, great videos btw! Ok so hydroponics additives, and sterile vs beneficials. Coming back after a 2 year layoff, for 15 years my regimen for additives was (Calmag ,B1, Suger, Silica, Hydrozyme, BigSwell, PkBoost). Now i’m going add (Mammoth P, Recharge, Terpinator, and UC Roots, and maybe Amino Acids). What do feel about the 2 list of additives? What can i cut out? How important is b1 nutrients in rdwc, doesn’t seem to be in to many nutrient lines? Is there a different between dwc to rdwc nutrients wise cause of the recirculating, besides the heat it produces? Your full take on sterile vs beneficials, and is it true you have choose sterile or microbe beneficial and cant use them together?
Main additives:
01. Cal-mag
02. B1
03. Silica
04. Hydrozyme
05. Sugar Daddy
06. Bud Xl
07. Top shooter
08. Peek pk booster
09. Mammoth P
10. Recharge
11. Terpinator
12. U.C. Roots ? Not sure if it will work with my microbe beneficials?
13. Amino Acid. Thinking it will help, not to sure?

Thinking about cutting out hydrozyme, replacing Mammoth p and recharge, what ya think?
Wonder if b1 is necessary, i have beautiful results and think it helps, but i don’t see it in other nutrients lines like U.C.,and its dark nutrients may darken the root zone. Whats ya take on b1 nutrients in hydroponics?
U.C Root. Can i even use this with all microbe bennies i’m using? I cant find to much info on sterile vs microbe beneficials , please point me in the right direction. With all the additives i’m using and adding, is it a good time to add amino acids also?

Thanks so much grow family! I know this might be a long one but i really do appreciate you guys! I promise after my harvest ima up grade to your top tier on patreon, i took a 2 year layoff and struggling atm, as we all know shit happens in the game lol! Thanks again , love,peace, respect my brother’s! 🤗🙏😇