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Hey what’s up DGC? Finally got up to date on the show and have a whole lot of questions which is perfect considering the Dude has been requesting more grow talk 🙂 But be forewarned, this is a long post!

I currently have a 4 x 4 x 7 with an air-cooled (I know “oldschool” but it keeps my temps down) 600W MH for veg and HPS for flower. Exhausting with a 6″ Vortex fan through a carbon filter, passive intake. I am considering using a duct fan to pull air from my crawl space through a HEPA filter to get some cooler air for intake, any reasons not to do that? My medium is Canna Coco with some perlite. Probably 70/30 mix.

I’m at day 36 of flower on my current grow, but after this one ends I want to shake things up. I still have time, I just want to start planning my expenses. I’m going to put in a 3.3 x 3.3 x 6.5 (weird measurement because it’s a metric sized tent I found online that fits nicely in my space) beside my current tent. I plan on moving the 600W to the new 3.3 x 3.3 tent and I want to kit out my 4 x 4 with some nice LEDs. Unfortunately Spectrum King are out of my price range (and an absurd price here in Canada). I’m thinking a DIY COB setup.

I like the look of the Growmau5 setup but I just don’t know enough about the different LEDs on the market. I want to get the best bang for my buck, but don’t want something that will be outdated quickly. I will pay a bit more for higher quality and efficiency if its better long term. And I’m down for some DIY if that means I can spend my money on better lighting. Any light you can shed on setting up an LED for a 4 x 4 would be much appreciated. I’m thinking I would grow 6 plants in 3/5 gallon smart pots in the space if that matters.

Also, are there any other quality brands of CMH apart from Sun Spectra? I reached out to them about shipping to Canada but never got a response. I would like to use a 315 or 630 in the 3.3 x 3.3 and then pick up another tent as a mother tent and use my old 600W setup in that.

That’s just my lighting questions, now to nutes! When I was brand new I got sucked into the AN hype (I know, for shame) and had all sorts of bottles and pH perfect blah blah. After my last grow I started doing more research and realised the error of my ways. I wanted to go simple and be more aware of what I was feeding my plant. I decided to try the Lucas Formula which just uses Maxibloom. Well that’s what I’ve been using as my base with a few additives that I had kicking around. I use CalMag+, ProSilicate, B52 (for veg) and Hydroplex as my bloom boosta. And of course Recharge (when Amazon finally delivered it in week 4 of veg, looking forward to using from the start next time.) It’s been working great so far. Oh and Mammoth P is in transit, hopefully will be here soon so I can take advantage for the end of this grow.

Next grow I want to get more organicish. I had planned on trying out Canna A+B. But just wondering how Canna’s organic line work in coco? I saw some posts online about not doing it and just wanted to know what your guys opinion on it was. I want some more microbes in my setup after seeing how much Recharge has helped. The smell is so much dankier!

A friend of mine uses Nirvana by AN, says it’s one of the few things by them he likes. Apparently it’s a bat guano tea or something. Any product like that you’d recommend?

And the last nute questions. Have any of you used Mother of all Blooms? It seems to be a really popular strong booster that you only use a little in flower but from what I’ve read it’s results are great. Any input here on boosters in general and ones you recommend would be great.

Finally, please add a shipping option to Canada from the DGC shop. I will pay the shipping costs to get some DGC gear! Plus it would be great to try some sample bottles of the great nutes I hear about on the show.

P.S here’s a pic. I forgot to take a pic with the light off in my tent before they went to sleep, so here’s one from F31 (sorry about the HPS glow). HSO Blue Dream (back left), HSO Green Crack (back right), TGA Pennywise (front left), HSO Amherst Sour Diesel (front right). I’ll get a good pic of my setup for critiquing soon. Would like to hear where it can be improved.

Thanks everyone, glad to be a part of the community and have learned so much since I started listening.

Happy growing and toking 🙂