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As a fan of the show, a grower and anytime toker, I realize most start watching for basic grow knowledge. Although some may disagree, I believe the thing most of us are really after is emotional and personal growth. These are questions I’ve asked myself and I hope you can discuss some of them on air. Can we talk a bit about the many benefits to the mind, body and soul?

In what ways has cannabis changed your relationship to yourself? Are you a better person by smoking cannabis? Is your self-esteem improved? Do you like yourself more? Are you happier? Funnier? Do you gain insight otherwise unavailable to you? Are you more aware of your emotions or less?

Has cannabis changed your relationship with others for better or worse? Do people appreciate you more or not as much? Do you have more friends? Are you more supportive of friends and generous?

Have you recognized personal growth after growing your own meds? How has growing your own changed you? Are you chill or are you stressed out? Do you react differently to situations than before? Does a decent harvest give you a sense of accomplishment unlike any you’ve felt before? Does a loss send you to a pit of darkness or do you try to learn from it? Has your passion for growing cannabis and newfound skill led you to grow other plants?

Maybe this subject doesn’t deserve its own segment but if you could maybe work some into the show occasionally that’d be great.

Annette Furscroggen