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What up dude and Scotty! Want to start this off by giving a big thank you to you boys for hooking it up with the recharge samples. I am looking forward to receiving them and using it on this grow, which will be Black Domina, no till in smart pots. Anyway, just finished up listening to Wednesday show, and dude talking about burping his curing jars on his mammoth, got me thinking. Could you guys run down your methods of curing? I used to burp and all that jazz, until Kyle kushman opened my eyes to the differences between curing, aging, etc. What I learned was your buds releases certain gases, which assists in the overall cure that we are trying to achieve, and I do not want to lose them to burping. Since I have started doing it this way, the difference is night and day. I was just curious as to what your methods were. Look forward to hearing your input. Thanks, Seedy