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Hello DGC,

Just wondering if anyone can recommend a method for quickly decomposing trimmed plant material. I have tried the following: Putting into a bucket and pouring on Recharge, mulching around existing plants and adding to worm bin. Unfortunately my worms don’t seem to go for dried or fresh plant material. They much prefer cardboard or paper scraps. Ideally, the worms eat the plant material and turn it into soil for me to reuse.

Thank you DGC

Your friend,


P.S. As a side note, one of my plants is “Tardis” from Homegrown Natural Wonders. The thing produces a thick coating of trichomes EVERYWHERE – including the biggest fan leaves. I’m very excited about it and had to share. Super nervous about posting pictures, but maybe I’ll get the courage and show you guys & gals. In an interview with the breeder on the Potcast, Tardis is said to have anti-tumor properties as well.