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On a recent podcast, the Dude mentioned that he was thinking about a bottom watering reservoir Radicle bag. I was going to wait to post until after my first run test so that I could better evaluate, but this motivated me to post earlier. I made 5 gallon Radicle bag bottom reservoirs with the following parts:

  1. Foil baking pans
  2. Some lava rock (fully rinsed before use)
  3. Plastic AMX car track supports (free junk sitting around)
  4. Pizza baking screen.
  5. Craft store screen (looks similar to Radicle Bag material, 11X17 inch sheets)

The foil pans were cheap at $0.60 each. I way overpaid for 2 small bags of lava rock, but was desperate to get it now. The pizza baking screens were the most expensive at $4 each. Craft screen was $3. About $20 for all three, not including the overpriced lava rock. Probably any gravel would have been fine.

I used stack-able plastic track supports from car racing tracks to ensure that there would always be a layer of air between the lava rocks and the soil. Over watering the pans results in the water spilling out of bottom inch of the Radicle bags. At anytime I can tilt the Radical bags to empty the water reservoir if needed.

The first picture shows a dry run outside the Radicle bag. Notice the 1/2 inch air gap between foil pan and top surface where soil will sit.

Second picture show the stack up with the plastic supports, and shows all parts. Looks like a puke pie with many robot nipples (you are welcome for this visual).

The last picture was blurry, but it shows the final assembly prior to filling with soil. Fill tube held in place by red wire until the soil can help.

I am in week 4 of flower and they are strong. I did this because I always had a small problem with fungus gnats. Using this system has definitely helped with gnats. I also wanted to have some insurance in the case I under watered. I was concerned with the loss of soil battery as the entire stack up eats up about an inch, but all seems OK so far(4.8 gallon Radicle bag?).