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I like to tie branches to my Radicle bags in an attempt train branches etc. I noticed that when I tie to the bags, lifting the bag or moving it can impact how the wires hold, and lay etc. I decided to re-reinforce the top of the Radicle bag to make the tie points stronger. I was able to thread a bare 12 gauge copper wire from standard nomex through most of the top ring of the bags. It was tight as the wire made its way around the top ring of the bags, but I was able to get 2 bags completely ringed, with the last one missing about the last inch or so. It gets tight where the velcro is sowed to the bag. You can slightly see the ring on the second picture as a reflection. This will obviously remove some flexibility from the bags in regards to storage, but not an issue for me. I suspect that occasionally I will need to re-form or re-bend the round shape, but that is very easy to do. This hack provides good additional support to the top of the bag, and it is much better for tying down branches.  You can push the wire through by hand for most of the ring, but I had to use pliers to complete the last 5-6 inches. It probably took about 10 minutes per bag. Once done, it is really easy to loop solid 22 gauge wire around the top ring of the bag and run to whatever branch needs some persuasion.

If Radicle bags is listening, this hack would be much more easy if the velcro stitching was just slightly lower from the top of the bag in 2 places. It is also tight near the handles, but not bad.