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So I collect rain water. My rain catch system is installed with a diverter to prevent debris I then pump that water with a carbon filter into two blue 55 gallon drums indoors and topped off regularly as I use it and if rains come but they started to get a green bio film at the bottom and a slight odor. But I said screw it ran with it on my first grow in a 3×3 bed and the plants thrived. Dank Smells and all. but the taste was of stagnant water. So obviously I know the problem. But what is the solution to maintain my ability to store a large amount of water for long periods and prevent it from going stagnant? Aeration and circulation? But aerating for too long can cause anaerobic conditions right? I’m just not sure and I hate using my RO system its wasteful and the plants just like rain water better imo. You guys rocks and thanks for any advice given.