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My veg tent is 5 feet by 6 feet and 5 feet 10 inches tall.  I used this oil diffuser to raise the RH, it went from 53% up to 63% within 20 mins and is fluctuating between 60 and 63 now I might add another one to bring it up more.  This one plays sound, which is neat, birds and shit, it also turns off when empty.  I think I could add some mint oil to deter bugs.  I took this from my wife, good news is she doesn’t get on this site and I will never tell her what happened to her diffuser….lol.  I had another idea of getting one of those potpourri things with a candle, cause the water vapor will add humidity and the candle will add about 10 grams of Co2 an hour.  Also another thing I learned is that Co2 is very dense and typically sinks to floor level, this is why basements typically have a higher Co2 count.  That being said one could assume that when Co2 is introduced into a grow room, it must build up from floor level to reach plant leaves and such.  I could be completely wrong but if this seems logical then building a raised floor with cutouts that your plants can slip into, could increase the chance for Co2 to start building at soil level and could be a good way to keep soil cooled off if you run a hot room.