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I’m in country that has VERY limited options when it comes to grow lights. Especially when we’re talking LED. I can find some “blurple” lights that are from China, but I’m not sure what to go for. I was thinking of going with a 800W nameless COB or a 1200W blurple. Both are made with Luxeon chips. The 1200 is made with 120 10W chips, and they don’t state the actual wattage. The COB doesn’t specify the wattage or kelvin of the chips but the photos look like a blurple light is produced. I also have access to some large socket type led bulbs that are 6500k at 40W a bulb. So my question is do I go with a blurple, a COB, or a bunch of these 6500k 40W bulbs and if the bulb option, how many? Thanks in advance!