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Ok couple questions. First is seedsherenow now the seed company not selling seeds? I get if PayPal is screwing with them but how about an address I can send cash to or at least show us the gear and explain the issues?  Helladank here I come just saying.

Next TSK, has anyone had issues with their gear not cracking? I normally toss seeds in soil and have good success with sprout but these are 2 duds thus far when the rest of what I toss cracks. Maybe I need to presoak them?

Now the real question, I’m just getting started with CO2. I’ve got a light sensing cyclestat, regulator, 20# tank plus an old 15# backup in case, and a titan controls rain system for distribution of the gas, the room is 16’ x 9’ x 8’. When in the grow should I flip it on is this as soon as possible or a week 1 kind of deal? Also I have a passive monitor so should I swing for 1000 or 1500 ppm considering grow 1 with CO2?