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I’ll start off by saying sorry for the long one today ya’ll! I tried to keep this as organized as possible. Any advice or reading material is helpful! Thanks in advance to the crew!

My set up

3x3x6 tent between 65 and 70% hum. Temp 70 to 77.

Organic Build a soil mountain oly compost blend. (https://buildasoil.com/collections/soils/products/living-organic-soil?variant=8798920507509)
Recharge, Mammoth P, Optic Foliar Overgrow and a bit of fish emulsion and my plain water gets a touch of molasses.
I have 1 100w chilled logic pick v3 (red spectrum 660 nm 720 nm, unknown Kelvin spectrum.)
and a 50w blurple ( just because I have it so why not?)

My next grow will be 2 Autos from Mephisto in 5 or 7 gal fabric pots. Prohibition land keeps my grows small.

Can you please send links to any of dudes grow videos about these topics? It’s a bit challenging to sift through all the videos and pod casts.


1. I need to fill out my blue spectrum so. Should I go with HLG100 v2 or stick with Growmau5?

2. If Growmau5 what blue spectrum am I looking for?

2.1. Can I stick with the Chilled logic style (for aesthetics) or should I try the quantum board?
The guys from rapid recommend a blue chilled logic and exotic board.
He mentioned getting exotic board first? Beings I have a CL with the red spectrum.

2.2. How many watts is optimal for 2-3 plants in a 3x3x6?

2.3. If I run a 4 or 5k chilled logic and my current CL v3. And an exotic board, Should I have only one spectrum on during the corresponding life cycle? Or can I run both spectrums but dim the opposite light? I.e. red on high and blue low during flower or vice versa. Or would running all 3 lights be beneficial?

Soil amendment questions
3. What should I be adding to my soil initially to get it to peak performance. Or should I change soil entirely?
I like the “water only biochar mix: from KIS Organics, is that too hot for autos?

4. Where and what should I do for Top dressing? Coots chicken poop? And prep of said poop? Good Worm casting brands? I don’t have the option for a worm bin yet.

5. Is Build A Soil’s DIY Compost tea bucket tutorial a good starting point? What tea mix should I get? Other materials on this topic?

6. How do I get enzymes into my soil and what product or home remedy can I use? Biobiz nutes. ( this is for if I don’t use water only)

7. 2 part? 3 part? What line exactly? I want to be as organic as possible but I am very open to new concepts, such as The Dudes Synganic approach. What do you Recommend as regiment and schedule for autos? I can’t find anything specific on this. I use optic foliar as well. Other then Overgrow, what products are recommended? What should I use to flush? Plain water with a bit of raw sugar? Or an actual flushing agent?

Sorry for the 69 questions, I struggle when it comes to finding the proper material for organic growing (ya’ll know your shit) so any advice is appreciated.

Thank you guys so much! I’d be lost without ya’ll!

Keep it Stoney!