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Hi all, greetings, blessings, respect, and love to you and, yours.

Raspberry pi, with home assistant app, made up a remote controlled, automated, precise, modular setup, with all the pH- dosing, temp, fan solutions one could dream of. Is there a solution on the market to match raspberry pi with a buttload of sensors and motors? This video showed a driven geek ūüėČ growing tomatoes in his fully automated 3×3 tent. Water cut off valve, Leak sensor, relative humidity, fan speed, dehumidifier, humidifier, par meter, pH sensor,¬†pH dosing, magnet stirrers for mixing nutes before dosing. co2 sensor with¬†co2 dispenser.¬†heater, water cooler, air pups, camera wifi¬†and so on… all integrated , and coded to reduce ventilation , if humidity in grow room is 30, instead of 70+ the app reduce ventilation and start humidifier to reach goal fast. and all is live on phone and control panel in grow room off c. But get this…¬† Siri is able to control the app, and you can use both hands to carry your weed..