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What’s up guys? This is my third run with the end game and fifth run with the lemon Jeffrey. Both amazing strains. The lemon Jeffrey is absolutely the best day weed when you need to get some stuff done. Smells of lemons and finishes with a funky almost cheese like smell at the end. The end game has the that top of the line bag appeal with the buds absolutely covered in trikes. Probably the best bud I’ve ever grown with it comes to trimming and both pack on weight in the last two weeks. This picture was minute’s before chopping at 73 days. Growing in living soil using mainly build a soil products and of course the weekly Recharge. The pots being used are city pickers (thanks Soup)

***Darker buds are the end game

love the show guys,

Pat O

“if you aren’t using Recharge, they fuck you” favorite Recharge commercial 😂😂😂