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Hey guys, first off thank you for the wealth of knowledge ive soaked in from watching, you guys do a great job! 👍So this is my first hydro grow and have everything running smooth. A couple issues though.. so i have 6 Planet of The Grapes going from Ethos. They all started life the same time. I have one that doesn’t want to grow and one that looks sick. Lol. I believe i may have locked the little one out with too much nutes but not sure what’s going on with the sick looking one?

These are all from seed, i know…i dont have any clones yet since i’m just starting off. My main question is should i lower my ppm to accommodate the sick and small or continue to focus on the healthier looking plants?

Also, i’m running general hydroponics flora series trio in RO water. (Along with hydroguard, power si, and calimagic) my ppm after RO filter is 20-30ppms. So i understand calcium and magnesium are important but why do they recommend a cal-mag additive when the 3 part flora already has calcium and magnesium in them, at the same rates too? Sounds like overkill to me. Maybe i have too much cal and mag?

Environment factors:

1000 ppm Hanna scale
Temps 70-75 F lights on, 65 F lights off
Humidity 60-70% (vpd around .90)
Lights are sf4000’s at 80%, est. 3 ft away (under 20k lux)
Water temp steady 64 with chiller
Co2 set to 650 right now

Any tips for a new grower? Next run will be clones to be able to focus on one pheno.