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Hey guys it’s blue phantom from beautiful Vancouver British Columbia. I just purchased a current culture system and this will be my first time doing a pheno hunt in rdwc. I’m doing an 80 plant pheno hunt. The strain is (Colin OG rbx), and (ethos cookies #16x Colin og rbx )Both are 9-10 week finishers. Since I’m running rdwc I’m wondering if the early finishers that would finish in 9 weeks could be run with the 10 week late finishers. Would an extra week of flower for the early finishers because to many trichomes to turn amber /CNB? I usually start flush when I see all cloudy trichs and harvest around 20% amber the rest cloudy  but I’m assuming some will finish earlier then others. Will CBN conversion be that noticeable with an extra week of flower for the early finishers?