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What’s up DGC, I got a couple questions for you organic growers out there. Last years outdoor season I planted 5 plants, each in a 45 gallon fabric pots in Big Rootz soil. I ran Jacks 321 and Tribus by Impello Bioscience (Planning on running Recharge along with Tribus this coming up year) with pretty decent success. This year I would like to switch it up for a more simpler style of growing(organics).My question is could I get away with leaching out my old soil with clean R/O water, then adding about an extra 20% of aeration (Black lava rock) and about 10% compost, 10% worm castings to the used soil and re-amend with one of Build-A-Soil pre-mixed amendments. If so, what re-amend product from Build-A-Soil would you guys choose from? Craft Blend, L.O.V V3 Nutrient & Mineral Mix, Modern Mix V2 or just simply their Re-Amend Old Soil kit?? Mostly looking for something that will be easier to just water with plain water and some compost teas here and there along with some top dressing and of course Recharge!!!!! Any help is deeply appreciated thanks y’all.