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Hello men and woman of the DGC.

I will be finishing up a run with coco/perlite/Grow Dots. Can I reuse the coco? If so how? Should I flush out the coco and re amend with Grow Dots, or just flush and use regular nutrients?  How would one go about properly flushing the used coco? I am worried about residual Grow Dots nutrients causing a problem with the next cycle. My dosi-do just died straight off, hopefully it was a bad phenotype. The other plant a Double Alien (La Plata Labs) is doing great with the Grow Dots. In an effort to save the failing Dosi-so I gave both a light feeding of micro nutrients (Jackpot) the Double Alien seems very happy but the Dosi-do was called home to the lord 🙁

Thank You All,