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Just wanted to show off the new tent and that you can do it cheap AF.

off brand Chinese tent 2 x 4 $80

3 Dakason 150w leds 270ppf  $50/ea

(checks out on the Photone app with iPhone 13) got one dimmed to 40% with 18in clearance for average 250 par. Pretty sure they’re all 4000k diodes with a few deep reds not the mix they claim which is an odd thing to lie about but 🤷🏻‍♂️

igrowtek 4in fan $30

iGrowtek 4 Inch Inline Fan,Ventilation Duct Fan,Exhaust Fan for Grow Tent,Vent Blower,195 CFM

This just a fun little side tent in the kitchen that’s mostly just gonna veg but it’ll grow dank if I flower in it. seedlings are 3 fem csi Irene kush x chem 91 and 3 fem Durban x Jorge’s diamonds I got in trade. not a bad setup for less than $300