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So I am a new grower and I am growing Critical Mass CBD auto flower and Girl Scout Cookies Extreme auto flower. The Critical Mass took off from seed no issues. However the Girl Scouts germinated and then never took off. I think the soil may be a bit strong for the seedlings. I’m running straight Fox Farms Ocean Forest. I’m gonna try a 50/50 FFOF with the happy frog potting soil my Critical mass are 3 weeks from seed and I watered with the suggested mix of recharge and THEY BLASTED OFF!!! I’m now running a 1/2 tsp Recharge to my coffee every day!! LOL! JUst Kidding. My question is can I add the powdered Recharge to the soil when I mix the 2 or should I just water it in. For lighting I’m running s Spider Farmer Sf 2000, 200w at the wall, an a Budget LED Series 3 LM301H 250w at the wall dimmable 3000k.  I’m running 3 gallon pots and LST. Also, when should you dim the light? The budget LED light has noticeably more of a yellow tint to the light and the spider farmer is white.  Also for other newbies, Guru made a statement on watering on April 28 and it has helped me with watering 1000%. Episode 1015 around the 28:15 mark. You guys are making a major difference in my grow and lots of others. You called it Scotty when you said that growing cannabis a gateway drug……to gardening. Thanks for all you guys do and I’m proud to be a Patreon supporter.