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I’m reposting to reach out to the rest of the DGC.

Thanks Soup for the response.  I will definitely mix in as well as top dress worm castings.

I am about to transplant my clones into their final 7 gal pots but I’ve never inoculated the roots with any Endo Mycorrhizae or beneficials and think it will up my game. I would buy recharge but unfortunately; Well you know the rest.
Please recommend a product that is available above the 49th parallel (Canada). I plan on transplanting on Saturday and am in this to grow cup winning connoisseur quality (on a budget). I grow in coir/perlite.

One more (maybe a bit controversial). I water through about 20% every time and I measure and record exactly my ec and pH in and out. This might be a new grower question but i’ve been researching for a while and can’t nail it down – what is optimum pH for root zone growing in coir?  I water in at 5.8-6 based on previous runoff pH which is maintained at 6.2-6.4.  There are lots of ranges that I’ve read and even some suggest fluctuating it due to different nutrient uptake requirements (again back to a benefit of Recharge).

Pics. I was able to get my wife engaged in trimming out first harvest as well as pre prune our second girl just before harvest.  My roots were healthy looking but should have been root bound.

Thanks for any insight you can offer