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Interested in these Mondo grows. Are people going to be documenting the grows? That Mondo is time release fertilizer. In my experiences the plant stops feeding when it reaches its maturity level even with plenty available nutes. With a proper dry and cure I bet the final product will be good using Mondo. So I will be following these grows as this is test material for me even though I’m not using it. 🙂

Also, how much do those small trial packs cover like a 2 gallon watering can or so? My organic soils are reused so there is an active culture of microbes but I’m thinking watering a little Recharge in when I compost and regenerate old soils with new amendments is only going to be beneficial. My liquid nutes have similar microbes to Recharge but they also have NPK in them and don’t want excess NPK in newly mixed, processing soil. Thanks.