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Lots of talk about Recharge and its all good. When you are starting with seedlings and you don’t have clonex to use, can you use Recharge the same way? Like when you soak the seeds for 24 hrs. or however long it takes the seed to sink… no more than 24 I know but can you use it this way. When you get the seed in its first cup to grow (I like Scotty’s two cup method) can you keep using the Recharge very very diluted like what is diluted enough? Then moving forward is it good to keep using Recharge pH adjusted¬† to the proper level or is it too early to think about giving the new sprout anything but water. if I do use RO water should I add anything to the flat nutrient water like Cal-Mag or is it better to use filtered tap water or un filtered? So many questions but I want this next grow to be as close to perfect as can be because I am doing two plants every two weeks which I will create a good picture follow up for the Dude Grows Show hope you can help. Hope this is not too much.