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Dude, Scotty, Guru, and even Warehouse Kyle, thanks so much for all the knowledge and entertainment!

I’m typically a No-till guy, but with No-till being so easy I’ve found myself with extra time in the garden and nothing to do. So, I ended up picking up a 2×4 tent, 2x QB96 and an autopot with 10 gallon res. Wanting to try synthetics and Coco to see how if compares to my No-till herb. I just finished round 1 of an auto WWxBB from Femaleseeds using Dutch Pro nutes with moderate success. however, I learned a ton about growing with synthetics and excited to start round 2.

The question is, how can I get Recharge into my feeding regiment? The first couple weeks are hand watered so I can add it there, but once the roots get to the bottom of the pot, the plant will be put on the res. Once that happens, the nutrient solutions sits in the tank for a solid week until it’s swapped out with a fresh solution. I’m thinking adding Recharge to the res will be a bad idea, and they say to not top feed after you have witched to the res because the salts build in the top layer of soil and top feeding will just wash those salts into the root mass. So I’m at a loss as to how to fit this in.