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Hay DGC – Dude, Scotty, Guru and all of the DGC family,

I am a loyal listener and supporter of the show (love the new Patreon features) I live in Prohibition Land and was listening to a past show this morning on my way to work.  The subject turned to RO water vs store bought water vs tap water.

Scotty was talking about filling up a container with tap and letting it sit so the chlorine dissipates, (I have done this before) Suddenly I heard some say “or just put some Recharge in your tap and don’t worry about it” I was like WTF.

I had to rewind just to here the words again. What is the deal with that. I’m on my first grow, 3×3 tent, 5 gal fab pot , white widow clone, Mars Hydro 900w blurp ( I know, I know), Fox Farm liquid nutes (I know, I know).

I have applied very aggressively LST and vegged for 10 weeks (because of the rebound from stress) and I’m now in the 2nd week of flower (all is going great) the whole time I have bought bottled spring water because of the high chlorine in my tap.

So what the dilly yo with the Recharge in the tap does it eat the chlorine. I cant wait to here the answer I am trying to get plastic out of my life and out of my grow. I am in love with the Recharge, I ordered some off of Amazon because I couldn’t wait for my new member package with the Recharge and seeds to arrive (still waiting on that to show up) the Recharge is dope and my plant loves it. I hope this is true that it does something to the chlorine. anyway I look foreword to all the info the DGC has to share

keep Token, Smoken, and spreading the Love

From Prohibition Land