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What’s going on dudes, I’ve been smoking through my last harvest that I posted about a little while ago that I never got to show you pictures of so I emailed myself a nug of Northern Lights and a nug of my Chemdogging #1 to show you all. It was my first grow and there were some complications but overall the THC content was super powerful and despite not being the smell I exactly wanted, the Chemdogging smelled like dank bubblegum which was fine by me.

Anyway, right now I’m on week 4 veg of these High Octane OG cuts I got from a buddy of mine. This is my second run and my main goal after finishing my first was to make sure this one had great leaves throughout its cycle. I did a lot more research and I took Scotty’s advice to heart: Less is more. I backed off on the intensity of my lights and I’m also hanging back on raising my PPM. My motto for this grow is: If it doesn’t look like it needs it, it’s fine. But, getting to the topic at hand one thing I read that I think is a big factor in my current leaves good health is that I read recharge goes absolutely LAST. These 4 weeks I’ve been using Jack’s 3-2-1 and Recharge, only using PH Down the first two weeks to get my PH to 5.8 instead of 6.0. I don’t want to say it’s what solved my nutrient issue, but it’s kinda looking like it did. Who knew acid could screw with microbes, eh? Lol. Anyway my question for you guys is that I’m in the beginning stages of using Mammoth P and I wanted to know if it goes before or after recharge. Simple question that I think I could have asked without the diatribe but I’m usually always excited when I type these out so my bad! Good growing and stay high, dudes!