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Hey Dude, Guru, and Scotty! I can’t even really effectively put into words the gratitude I have for the information and dedication you guys put out there for the DGC.

Being unemployed at the moment leaves me unable to directly contribute to the show financially (I plan on changing that soon). In the meantime I’d like to help if I could and provide my testimonial on Recharge.

My best friend and smoking BUD since High School has been willing to invest  his money to start a little JOINT VENTURE. Since I have the time and he has the money it’s worked out well so far, but only thanks to the information I got here annnnnd as the title may suggest RECHARGE!! This is my first grow and At first I was constantly burning my plants. I had no concept on how plants fed. I had basically planted the bag seeds in some Nuclear hot soil. They had plenty available to eat and I was jamming Fox Farm on top. After an education from the DGC, I figured I’d give Recharge a try to help break down that organic material already in the soil. We all know how this story ends… My plants went from getting burnt on the reg to the healthiest looking plants I could have hoped for. I am now in week 2 of flower and have just upgraded from the stick packs to the pound bag.

quick aside: I popped like 7 Bag seeds  hoping to get a few females and much to my amazement they were ALL females. I had been smoking some of the dankest, a strain called “Zebra Cakes”  when I smelled that burnt seed smell. The next joint I was careful and hand picked all the seeds. I wasn’t planning on growing but something made me Throw them into an almost empty water bottle in my car. Two days later, suffering from dry mouth, I tried to take a swig of that bottle only to taste a chunk. That turned out to be a tap root. Idk what to call it other than a parental instinct, but at that moment, seeing that living thing (albeit tiny), I resolved myself to keeping it alive as long as possible. Thanks to my rich buddy it is now bopping bud sites like a teenager pops zits.
thanks again for everything guys and keep doing what you do! (The almost eaten seed is in the top right of the first picture.) ((plant in the bottom right was just put in that flowering tent last night)