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Morning Gents, very quick question for you (well 2).

I finally got some recharge to the UK. Luckily Bubbsy was filming in states so i got some sent to her hotel room and she ‘muled’ it back into the UK :). Good girl!!

I use a self watering 10 gal system that I top up with buckets daily of RO water with all my mills range and other additives. Should I be adding a teaspoon of Recharge to EACH bucket or only every so often?
i’ve been adding it to the system and so far looks (as last thing I add) good but wanted to check. Question 2…how do i spend these lovely nuggs as an international DGC member? Can i pay int shipping or am i going to have to get a suitcase loaded up when i see you boys next in Denver?

Good vibes to you all.

Buddsy and Bubbsy!