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Wish Recharge had been around sooner. Hypothetically speaking here of course. People used to Guerrilla grow on this nice big piece of mountain foothills owned by a huge power company. This land had everything, mountain peat type soil, natural irrigation and full day sun. There was cover, forest and a mountain stream close, the type of place perfect for moonshining by old time families before the all the  land was bought by the aforementioned power company for a nuclear power plant.

The only problem other than wildlife I know those folks had was getting in and out of the property to maintain their grow unnoticed by suspicious eyes. Back then those guys had to lug in everything by hand and backpacks, no ATV’s. After almost a decade of sometimes beautiful, sometimes not outdoor cannabis the power company clear-cut the land and the guys who were young at the time went home.

Could those three old friends do it over again, I am sure Recharge would make a big difference by keeping their soil maintained, live and refreshed in their absence. Improving their quality and reducing the number of their visits and the supplies needed.

If one was only younger, and of course this kinda growing was legal. 😉

Happy Growing 🙂

RECHARGE, the Guerrilla 🦍 Growers best friend.